My Global Classroom

Learning does not have to be confined to a classroom because the world is filled with endless learning opportunities.

Global Citizens

By exploring global partnerships, students are going to become more prepared to collaborate with a vast array of cultures, languages, and issues around the world. Today, being an informed and empathetic global citizen is an imperative.

Make Connections and Meaningful Global Impact

Meet different people, cultures, traditions, and landscapes without leaving your home or spending money. My Global Classroom is a network of schools that are looking to make lifelong friends and colleagues through educational collaboration.

Why Global Classroom?

Graduates of today are interconnected, oriented toward improving the world, curious about the world, and will be entering a global economy workplace.

Student Testimonies

Engaging with students from other parts of the world was one of the most memorable learning experiences from my entire high school career. Learning new languages, cultures, and making friends helped me prepare for a life after high school.

Anonymous student

Help Tutorials

Do you need help getting your global classroom set up? Are you having trouble finding partner schools? Click on one of the video tutorials below for assistance.

Find a Partner

Find a classroom or school partner through our filters or by searching via the map.

Start to Collaborate

Start to collaborate with a classroom or school partner by utilizing the embedded communication tools.

Create a Project

Create and design a collaborative project with your classroom or school partner by using the planning and design tools.

Sustainable Development Goals

Use the SDGs alongside your Content and Literacy Standards to create exceptional Project-Based Learning that creates real-world positive global impact.